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WatchGuard is a Friendly WiFi Partner
The symbol of safety letting your customers know your WiFi is safe

WatchGuard is a Friendly WiFi Partner

WatchGuard is a Friendly WiFi partner and accredited provider of Secure Wi-Fi solutions, including Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Unified Threat Management (UTM), and Access Point products.

More and more businesses are offering Wi-Fi as a service to customers. Whether it is at a restaurant, shop, or a favorite hangout, free access to Wi-Fi has become an expectation. What does this mean for young people using these services? If businesses are not taking the necessary steps in providing secure Wi-Fi, kids are vulnerable to viewing inappropriate content, including disturbing images, videos, and websites.

Families need to feel confident that the right steps have been taken to ensure the Wi-Fi they are using is safe and secure. This is where WatchGuard, in collaboration with Friendly WiFi, comes in to provide secure Wi-Fi solutions for businesses and to help parents and children make smart choices about their online safety. Friendly WiFi – an Initiative introduced by government agencies and managed by the RDI Trade Organization – recognizes public places that offer secure and filtered Wi-Fi with the goal of making public Internet safe for young people around the world.

The Preferred Friendly WiFi Solution

WatchGuard was recently accredited by Friendly WiFi as a preferred provider of secure Wi-Fi solutions. With the best-in-class Unified Threat Management (UTM) features of WatchGuard Firebox appliances along with cutting-edge Access Points, WatchGuard offers powerful protection from a host of threats. WatchGuard’s secure Wi-Fi solutions not only block inappropriate and illegal content, they also protect users from data theft, password cracking, malware, and many other harmful attacks. Whether you are already a WatchGuard customer or looking to become one, configuring your Firebox to meet Friendly WiFi requirements is fast and easy.

Join WatchGuard in supporting the Friendly WiFi initiative. Before accessing your next public hotspot, look for the colorful Friendly WiFi logo, and share this information with those who do not know about the importance of secure Wi-Fi.