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WatchGuard ThreatSync
Actionable Insight Through Correlation


Proactive Defense for Evolving Cyber Threats

The increasing complexity of threats and the proliferation of security technologies can make it difficult for organizations to view their security posture comprehensively. At the same time, it is also challenging for overwhelmed security teams to combat advanced threats with limited visibility and disconnected security tools while dealing with slow detection times and trying to respond accurately. Today’s security experts need a unified security solution to identify, contain, and respond faster to emerging threats.

WatchGuard ThreatSync equips enterprises with XDR capabilities to centralize detections and orchestrate the response to threats from a single pane of glass. It simplifies cybersecurity while improving visibility and automating response actions across the organization faster, reducing risk and cost and providing higher accuracy.


Build your XDR strategy with tight integrations and cross-domain data telemetry from WatchGuard’s latest-gen technologies. By broadening the range of data feeds from your growing security stack you have far greater visibility as well as stronger protection.


Move away from a siloed security approach and reactive tools and adopt threat intelligence detection coming from multiple sources. ThreatSync uses AI and machine learning to identify potential threats in real time across multiple domains for reduced Mean Time to Detection and swift containment of the severity and scope of threats.


Put XDR into action and respond to threats in a flash. ThreatSync enables the orchestration of automated response actions to neutralize threats across the enterprise from a single pane of glass in a simpler and faster process, reducing risk and offering higher accuracy.


Greater Visibility
into network and endpoint activity, helping to identify threats that might otherwise go undetected

Comprehensive Security
by unifying data and alerts into a single platform where solutions can work together to prioritize and respond to threats

Reduce Security Team Burdens
by automating the threat detection and response process and freeing up time and resources for security teams

Streamline Response Process
providing coordinated and automated responses to detected threats

No Added Costs to Access XDR
XDR is an essential tenet of modern cybersecurity that should be accessible to every business. As such, WatchGuard includes ThreatSync at no additional cost

A Comprehensive Security Platform Is the Future

XDR is an essential tenet of modern cybersecurity that should be accessible to every business. For WatchGuard, everything starts with our Unified Security Platform architecture, the cornerstone on which to build and evolve your security ecosystem. As such, WatchGuard includes ThreatSync as a cross-product capability available at no additional cost.

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