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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud Management
Secure Wireless Experiences without Sacrificing Performance

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Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud delivers greatly simplified management tools to easily deploy, configure, and report on Wi-Fi 6 access points, while offering a rich integration across WatchGuard’s portfolio of solutions, including Endpoint Security, AuthPoint, and Firebox appliances to keep end users secure and maximize IT resources.

Move to the Cloud

Ditch your infrastructure and move to the Cloud. With WatchGuard Cloud, security service delivery is faster, more automated, and doesn’t require the installation and maintenance efforts of on-premises management solutions. Bring the benefits of the Cloud to your security solutions today.

Multi-Tier and Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Reduce the complexity of managing multiple services to easily deploy, configure, and report Wi-Fi connectivity and performance for every user on one platform with Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud.

Reporting & Visibility

Rich visibility into crucial reporting, such as signal strength coverage, wireless client bandwidth consumption, access point utilization, and client distribution, to always ensure a comprehensive view of your device's health and system.

Customize Your Captive Portal

Display branded captive portals to guests connected to a protected Wi-Fi network before accessing additional network resources. Personalize the logo, background image, and text displayed.

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