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WatchGuard Panda Series
Panda Defense Products

WatchGuard Panda Models:

Powering Remote Work

In June, 2020, WatchGuard acquired Panda Security, enabling customers and partners to consolidate their fundamental security services under a single umbrella, backed by the high quality of service that is a core part of both companies’ DNA.

WatchGuard’s endpoint security services have traditionally focused on extending network security to protect employees while off-network using DNS-level protection, multi-factor authentication, and some network security features – packaged together in our easy-to-buy WatchGuard Passport offering. With Panda’s comprehensive endpoint security platform, we’ve added endpoint protection AV services and innovative EDR capabilities – furthering our vision to deliver advanced threat detection and response functionality fueled by modern AI capabilities, behavior profiling techniques, and cutting-edge security event correlation, and additional operational benefits such as centralized management across network and endpoint security.

With the integration of Panda Security, WatchGuard will now be able to offer a full portfolio of user-centric security products and services for protecting people, devices, and the networks they connect to from malicious websites, malware, spam, and other targeted attacks. With offerings for businesses and consumers alike, Panda Security brings advanced endpoint protection, sophisticated threat hunting services, and more to the WatchGuard portfolio.

Adaptive Defense

  • Simplifies and Minimizes Security Costs
  • Automates and Reduces Detection Time
  • Automates and Reduces Response and Investigation Time
  • Zero-Trust Application Service

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Adaptive Defense 360

  • Complete, Robust Protection Guaranteed
  • Forensic Information
  • Full Antivirus Capabilities
  • Continuous Network Status

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Advanced Reporting Tool

  • Flexible Analyses Adapted to Your Needs
  • Security Incident Information
  • Control Access to Business Data
  • Network Resource Usage Patterns

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Full Encryption

  • Prevent loss, theft and unauthorized access to data without impacting users
  • No deployment or installation. No servers or additional costs. Zero problems
  • Regulatory compliance, reports and central management

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Endpoint Protection

  • Multi-Platform Security
  • Simplify Management
  • Lower Impact On Performance
  • Centralized Device Security

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Endpoint Protection Plus

  • Centralized Endpoint Security
  • Malware and Ransomware Protection
  • Advanced Disinfection
  • Monitoring and Web Filtering

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Email Protection

  • Simple Management
  • Maximum Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reports

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Systems Management

  • 100% Cloud-based solution
  • Secure access to the service
  • Rapid tasks and scripts
  • Software deployment

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  • Remote Automatic Support
  • Security and Protection Against Malware
  • Real-Time Device Inventory and Monitoring
  • Software and Updates Deployment

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Fusion 360

  • Traditional Preventive Technologies
  • Prevention, Detection and Response Technologies
  • Cloud-Based Centralized Management
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Inventories

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SIEM Feeder

  • A new Security Status
  • Seamless Integration and Operation
  • A new source of Information: User Programs

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Patch Management

  • Patch and update planning and installation tasks
  • Endpoint and update status monitoring
  • Granular management based on groups and roles with different permissions
  • Centralized control over updates, patches and software

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