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WatchGuard Wi-Fi Lightning Strike

Strengthen wireless network protection with WatchGuard’s line of lightning-fast, reliably secure Wi-Fi 6 products, complete with Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud for simplified management. Choose WatchGuard and save significant discount on all WatchGuard Wi-Fi 6 APs!


Ready to Speed-up and Simplify Your Secure Wi-Fi?

From home offices to expansive corporate campuses, WatchGuard Secure Wi-Fi delivers, unlike others, exceptional performance and an easy way to ensure safe and productive wireless experiences.

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Does Your Current Wi-Fi Solution Cover Your Needs? Think Twice

Watchguard Add the Performance Your Growing Business Needs

The latest Firebox appliances provide up to 300% more throughput and memory!

Watchguard Deliver visibility and Management from the Cloud

Deploy, manage, and report from the Cloud with WatchGuard Cloud!

Watchguard Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable to New Threats

Ensure you have the latest security advances to protect against today’s evasive threats!

The Industry’s Most Complete Set of Secure Wi-Fi Capabilities


Superior Performance with Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6


Rogues APs Protection and Patented Evil Twin Detection


Zero-Touch Deployment and Backward Compatibility


Supports Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Security Standards

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