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The ThreatSync family of products includes WatchGuard’s ThreatSync Core, which delivers correlated alerts and rapid automated remediation and ThreatSync+, which provides advanced centralized risk visibility and threat detection. Fully integrated, these AI-driven XDR solutions enable threat detection and response for advanced threats, including ransomware, supply chain, and vulnerability-based attacks.

Unify Your Threat Remediation

ThreatSync Core is a WatchGuard Cloud service that provides eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) technology for WatchGuard Firebox and EDR products. It is part of WatchGuard's Unified Security Platform, and provides centralized alert correlation, workflows, and AI-remediation orchestration services for different WatchGuard products.

Rapidly Identify Advanced Attacks

ThreatSync+ NDR (Network Detection and Response) is a WatchGuard Cloud service that provides advanced network threat detection. Fully integrated with ThreatSync and Firebox, ThreatSync+ NDR utilizes AI threat detection to uncover attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, such as ransomware and vulnerability-based attacks. ThreatSync+ NDR and ThreatSync work in tandem to implement rapid remediation.

Save Time with Automated Compliance Reporting

WatchGuard Compliance Reporting is an add-on service with over a hundred regulatory controls mapped to automated compliance reports, including ISO-27001 and NIST 800-53 control sets. Easy configuration and automated reporting eliminate expensive manual control testing and reporting processes. Compliance reports are easily configured to support regulatory, best practice, and organizational compliance standards.

XDR Can Benefit Your Business

Adopting XDR can help minimize visibility gaps, alert fatigue and staffing challenges, while improving productivity, detection and response times, and the overall strength of your security posture.

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ThreatSync Purchase Options

ThreatSync offers a core set of XDR capabilities, including AI-driven event correlation and remediation, available at no added charge with qualifying network and endpoint security product purchases. ThreatSync+ product licenses are purchased separately, adding an additional layer of advanced XDR threat detection, capabilities, such as third-party data feeds and deep AI-based monitoring, detection and investigation.

ThreatSync Core

ThreatSync+ NDR

Compliance Reporting

WatchGuard’s family of ThreatSync XDR products enables MSPs and companies of every size to build XDR functionality, including the advanced capabilities needed to protect their environments. Select and deploy the ThreatSync products to tailor a solution to your needs.

  • ThreatSync Core includes foundational XDR capabilities of 1) threat information correlation, 2) incident scoring and management, and 3) intelligent automated remediation. The ThreatSync Core features are platform-ready, and are available with participating WatchGuard product activation for no additional charge.
  • ThreatSync+ product licenses can be purchased separately to layer on advanced XDR capabilities such as 3rd-party product feeds and deep AI-based monitoring, detection and analysis.
    ThreatSync+ products include:
    • ThreatSync+ NDR: a 100% Cloud-native, AI-powered network threat detection and response solution that requires no hardware and defends on-premises, VPN, and identity threat surfaces and defends North/South, East/West, VPN, and internal device threat surfaces.
    • Future ThreatSync+ products coming in 2024 and 2025
  • WatchGuard Compliance Reporting augments the reports available with ThreatSync products and WatchGuard Cloud to provide a rich package of reports for companies that need to continuously ensure compliance with regulations for business and financial success. This package is used with XDR solutions to provide on-demand compliance reporting and optimal compliance practices.
ThreatSync Core ThreatSync+ Compliance Reporting
  Included with WatchGuard products Requires additional licenses Optional add-on, requires additional license
Threat information correlation  
Incident scoring and management  
Intelligent automated remediation  
100% Cloud native  
Includes WatchGuard network & endpoint security products  
Standard XDR reports  
Includes open XDR architecture
(3rd-party products)
Continuous monitoring advances    
Integrated AI detection    
AI correlation analysis    
Advanced Network, Device, Traffic, and Incident Dashboards    
Comprehensive N/S/E/W Network Detection and Response (NDR)   With ThreatSync+ NDR license  
Network Threat Visibility and CISA Ransomware Defense Reports   With ThreatSync+ NDR license
Over 100 regulatory controls mapped to compliance reports     *
Automated continuous compliance for ISO- 27001, NIST, CMMC, UK and Cyber Essentials    
Configurable to support insurance audit compliance with CIS Critical Security Controls, and IEEE standards    
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* Regulatory control frameworks for networks are built into the ThreatSync+ NDR license. These control frameworks drive the information that is delivered via WatchGuard Compliance Reporting.

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